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Comfort, Quiet and Durability.
Gaynor Minden pointe shoes combine thoughtful design, expert American hand craftsmanship, and innovative modern materials.

Buoyant Support. Consistent Support.
Gaynor Minden uses high quality elastomerics for its unbreakable shanks and boxes, not the antiquated paste and cardboard construction that makes other pointe shoes quickly deteriorate while tormenting the feet. The flexibility and support that you feel in the new shoe will remain the same throughout its long life. Gaynor Mindens have tremendous durability without being hard or clunky. The shoes last 3 to 6 times as long as most other brands.

The Look of Effortless Grace.
Gaynor Minden knows that dancers are athletes as well as artists. Your talented feet deserve a little cushioning, especially if you dance on a hard floor. And it's not just for comfort - many dance injuries are caused by trauma, so Gaynor Minden is attempting to lessen the impact of landing from jumps. This is the first pointe shoe with shock absorption. Its resilient, patented construction helps you to jump, then provides a soft, silent, easy landing.

Ready To Go.
Gaynor Minden shoes are ready to go. No tedious, painful breaking-in required. No more stomping or bashing your shoes. These are soft and flexible when new. You never cut or break Gaynor Minden shanks. They're arched, just like your feet.

Professional and Beginner.
The wide selection of stiffnesses and styles accommodates both the professional and the beginner. Shanks and boxes range from feather-soft and pliable to firm and extra-supportive. Select the shoe that is right for you without having to wait months for special orders. But if you really need a special order you'll get it fast; our factory is located right here in the United States.

Your feet will look beautiful.